Beginners: Sunday and Monday

Advanced Skiers: daily

With the course card you have bought at the ski school office, you report at the place of assembly at 9.45 a.m. on Sunday or Monday (advanced skiers daily) for division into groups. The practicipants are dedicated into groups according to their skiing skills.

Ski courses:

The minimum number of participants for all offers is 5 persons.

Booking lokations:

Main office at the “Gemeindehaus Fügenberg”, St. Pankrazweg 1

Appartements Hirner, Fügen 214

Spieljoch mountainstation – place of assembly

Hochfügen Hotel Lamark – Ski Check

Schi school races:

At the end of the ski course, a guest ski race and a children´s ski race will be held at Spieljoch and Hochfügen respectively.

Spieljoch: Thursday afternoon

Hochfügen: Friday afternoon

Price distribution: in the afternoon after the race

No ski course on January 1st!

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