Für die sportlichen, die ein wenig mehr tun wollen, als nur Skifahren. Unsere Snowboardlehrer machen Sie gerne mit dem Feeling und natürlich auch den Tücken des Snowboards bekannt. Ob Anfänger oder Könner, das Snowboard verspricht ein außergewöhnliches Fahrgefühl.

The Sport
For a long time now snowboarding has been more than sport, more a way of life. Relaxed, intense and extremely graceful. Snowboarding poise is about losing yourself in movement. Go completely with the flow. Bring nature and mind into harmony. If the snow jets from the last two turns are still standing, then you know you are fast. Just let it run and race on into a state of exhilaration. The only way to experience the sensation – is to do it!

The school
Tuition by snowboarders for snowboarders. Do you dream of beeing able to snowboard perfectly. If so, then you will be in the right place with us. Our specially devised teaching programme offers you a safe route to snowboarding heaven.

But do not forget one thing.
It all seems so simple, when you watch those with a graceful style. Grace is effortless elegance.